• The SCFSA provided recommendations and support to the Sonoma Land Trust and Open Space Authority effort to preserve open enrollment for the Williamson Act in the county, which was approved by the Board of Supervisors
  • The second Food Service Training was held, with over 80 participants, including parents and community members, food service staff, school district staff and producers.
  • SCFSA members participated in three community outreach events, including the Sonoma County Fair, the Gravenstien Festival and Heirloom Festival.
  • The Alliance utilized two meetings for educational presentations on the Williamson Act and Climate Change, from a local County level to statewide
  • Alliance members have engaged with the CA Senate Committee on Food: Local, Organic, and Sustainable Systems, chaired by local CA Senator Noreen Evans
  • The Farm to Institution Committee helped support the successful grant applications for farm to school efforts in Sonoma County. Farm to school will begin in 2013 with localized Harvest of the Month activities and working with food service staff and local farmers to enhance local procurement methods. Three grants were received to support farm to school, all with a two year grant cycles.


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