• Launched the Food Action Plan implementation phase
  • The SCFSA significantly enhanced its administrative and communications activities – launched newsletter and Food Action Plan website to act as a virtual hub for all FAP information and connectivity
  • The Healthy Eating Pillar Team hosted a Healthy Eating Forum to identify strategies to increase the retail availibility of healthy, local food in our neighborhoods.
  • The Healthy Eating Action Team was launched and is now working on healthy retail initiatives
  • The Economic Vitality Pillar Team held a Food System Workshop (in partnership with Go Local, the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy) to encourage support, confidence and capacity for our local food economy
  • The Ag & Natural Resources Pillar Team has worked with numerous ag and food leaders to support the preservation and protection of agricultural lands in Sonoma County
  • The Social Equity Pillar Team has partnered with the County Department of Health Services on a project designed to improve worksite wellness projects/policies
  • Created an endorsement and engagement process – and corresponding infrastructure needed to promote, track and inform the community about the Food Action Plan
  • The FSA participated in significant community outreach throughout 2013, including the Sustainable Enterprise Conference, Invest Local Conference, etc.

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