What is the Food Action Plan?

Building upon existing work of the FSA, the Food Action Plan (FAP) provides a shared community vision and goals for our local food system. Strategies in the FAP incorporate the findings from the Community Food Assessment and Sonoma County Food Forum Report. The FAP invites local governments businesses, community organizations and individuals into dialogue and action to improve our food system.

  • As a road map, the Plan serves as a framework to guide collaboration and integrate the efforts of diverse food system stakeholders.
  • As a guide, it serves to catalyze policy change, encourage investment and raise awareness and support from our community and policymakers.
  • A north star to guide collaboration and integrate stakeholders
  • A road map with a shared community vision
  • An Invitation to play a role in building a viable local food system
  • A toolkit to support food system change


How the Food Action Plan is organized

FAP 4 pillars graphic

The FAP groups opportunities and concerns into 4 action areas (Pillars). Within each area, key goals are articulated and details of policies and recommendations are enumerated into sub-goals. In total, the FAP incorporates 11 broad food system goals and 42 sub-goals across the 4 Pillars.

The 4 Pillars:

  • Ag & Natural Resources
  • Economic Vitality
  • Healthy Eating
  • Social Equity

Food Action Plan_Summary

Food Action Plan (84pg 1.8MB PDF, full report)

11 Goals for Food System Change

  1. Protect and enhance ag land base, farms and ranches
  2. Encourage sound resource management
  3. Support local food system jobs and commerce
  4. Encourage localized institutional purchasing
  5. Increase equitable access to healthy, affordable, safe, culturally appropriate food and beverage choices
  6. Connect the food insecure with food and nutrition assistance programs
  7. Increase education about local agriculture, nutrition and the impact of food and beverage choices
  8. Address root causes of hunger and food insecurity
  9. Create opportunity and justice for farmers, farm workers and food system workers
  10. Ensure the inclusion of underserved and underrepresented communities
  11. Increase community resilience

Endorsement Strategy

  • Leveraging hundreds of individual, organization, business, and government endorsements
  • Expanding countywide support and action on FAP goals
  • Boosting awareness and engagement in local food system development, coordination, and advocacy
  • See the endorsement list here.

“The Healthy & Sustainable Food Action Plan can lead us to our final destination – a society where each of us has a place at a bountiful table, where we protect the natural world, and where true prosperity is created by those who grow and prepare our food.”

– Joseph McIntyre, Ag Innovations