Karen Preuss Photography

Dan Bleakney, Jupiter Foods

Phina Borgeson, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative

Randi Black, UC Dairy Advisor

Ellen Cavalli, Sonoma County Farm Trails

Laurel Chambers, Sonoma County Dept. of Health Services

Mary Chambers, Ag & Open Space District

Brett DeLuc, Farm to Pantry

Mimi Enright, UC Cooperative Extension

D’Lynda Fischer, Jupiter Foods and City of Petaluma

Suzanne Grady, Petaluma Bounty

Wendy Krupnick, CAFF & SRJC Sustainable Agriculture

Bruce Mentzer, Farm to Fight Hunger

Helen Myers, Food for Thought

Janeen Murray, Sonoma County GO LOCAL & Made Local Magazine

Whitney Reuling, Sonoma Family Meal

Julia Van Solen Kim, UC Cooperative Extension